CALM TALK 075 | Well-Ordered Nanonetwork Materials from Templating of Self-Assembled Chiral Block Copolymers for Metamaterial Applications


主题:   CALM TALK 075 | Well-Ordered Nanonetwork Materials from Templating of Self-Assembled Chiral Block Co主讲人:   何荣铭 教授地点:   先进低维材料中心学术交流室(2号学院楼西2632)时间:   2018-08-03 10:00:00组织单位:   先进低维材料中心

报告人简介:何荣铭教授于1995年获得美国阿克隆大学高分子科学研究所博士学位,之后前往美国明尼苏达大学化学与材料系进行博士后研究;1997年返回中兴大学化工系担任助理教授;2001年晋升为副教授,2002年转任台湾清华大学化工系副教授;2006年晋升为教授;2009年获聘为台湾清华大学特聘教授;2016年其担任台湾清华大学化工系系主任;2018年起获聘为台湾清华大学讲座教授。2013年至2015年担任Macromolecules与ACS Macro Letters编辑委员。2013年至2017年担任 Journal of Polymer Research副主編。2014年获选为美国物理学会会士。主要从事物理高分子与高分子形态学基础研究。已发表SCI论文约150余篇。

报告摘要:The design of nanostructured materials and their corresponding morphologies has attracted intense attention. Although many technologies have been explored to fabricate nanostructured materials, templated synthesis is one of the most important approaches to fabricate nanostructured materials with precisely controlled structures and morphologies from their constituent components. Here, we aim to use the self-assembly of chiral block copolymers as an emerging and powerful tool to fabricate well-defined nanomaterials with precise control over the structural dimensions and shape, as well as over the composition and corresponding spatial arrangement. Consequently, the fabrication of well-ordered nanoporous polymers can be achieved by using the self-assembly of chiral block copolymers composed of degradable block with gyroid-forming network morphologies as templates for the syntheses of various materials with different entities. Different templated syntheses are developed for the fabrication of nanoporous polymeric, metal oxide and metallic materials. By taking advantage of the well-ordered structural characteristics of the gyroid texture, the properties and applications of 3D regular nanostructures, such as optical properties, catalytic, plasmonic and photonic behavior as well as energy storage of gyroid-forming nanostructures, are demonstrated so as to prove the design concepts of metamaterials.

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