Laponite® in nanomedicine


主题:   Laponite® in nanomedicine主讲人:   Helena Tomás地点:   松江校区4号学院楼3083室时间:   2019-05-14 15:00:00组织单位:   化学化工与生物工程学院

报告人简介:Helena Tomás graduated in Bioengineering (IST, Lisbon, Portugal) and has a PhD degree in Biomaterials (1996, University of Lisbon, Portugal). Currently, she is associate professor at the University of Madeira (Portugal) where she is the head of the Chemistry Department, director of the Master in Applied Biochemistry and a senior researcher at CQM-Centro de Química da Madeira. She authored/co-authored 61 papers and 3 book chapters (h index= 24, average citations per article: 39). Her current research work is mainly devoted to the development of nanogels and dendrimer-based nanomaterials for biomedical applications (drug/gene delivery and tissue regeneration).

报告内容简介:The disk-shaped nanoscale crystals of Laponite® can be used in nanomedicine for the controlled release of drugs in applications such as cancer and regenerative medicine. Indeed, this clay has a high capacity of adsorption, from small molecules or ions, to macromolecules/polymers, and can also be easily covalently functionalized. Furthermore, it is a biocompatible material as its products of degradation are non-toxic and even show ability to stimulate biological activity. Laponite®, alone or in combination with other materials, has potential in biomedical applications.


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