CALM TALK 056 | Charge and Light Management in Organic Solar Cells


主题:   Charge and Light Management in Organic Solar Cells主讲人:   唐正 博士地点:   东华大学先进低维材料中心学术交流室(松江校区2号学院楼西6楼2632室)时间:   2017-06-26 14:00:00组织单位:   先进低维材料中心

主讲人简介:Zheng Tang is currently a Humboldt fellow at Institute of Applied Photo-physics of Dresden University of Technology, Germany. He received his PhD degree in early 2014, and was an assistant professor in 2015-2016, at Linkoping University, Sweden. His research interests include loss mechanisms at surface and interfaces in organic optoelectronic devices; charge generation and recombination mechanisms in organic semiconductors; and light management methods.

讲座摘要:In this talk, Dr. Tang will give an introduction to the fast developing field of organic photovoltaics, and he will discuss methods to improve device performance from the perspective of a device physicist. Last but not least, he will present the first highly efficient organic micro cavity photovoltaic devices. These novel optical cavity devices, built upon a unique idea of exploiting the photoresponse through enhancing the weakly absorbing intermolecular charge transfer (CT) states, are highly promising for low-cost spectroscopic photodetection and have great potential in applications such as wearable and bio-integrable optoelectronics. 

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