CALM TALK 057 | Hysteresis and Recombination in Perovskite Solar Cells


主题:   Hysteresis and Recombination in Perovskite Solar Cells主讲人:   Dr.Wolfgang Tress地点:   东华大学先进低维材料中心学术交流室(松江校区2号学院楼西6楼2632室)时间:   2017-06-26 15:00:00组织单位:   先进低维材料中心

主讲人简介:Wolfgang Tress is currently working as a scientist at LPI, EPFL in Switzerland, with general interests in developing and studying novel photovoltaic concepts and technologies. His research focuses on the device physics of perovskite solar cells, most recently, investigating recombination and hysteresis phenomena in this emerging material system. Previously, he was analyzing and modeling performance limiting processes in organic solar cells. In 2016 he was awarded the Zeno Karl Schindler award and received the EES Reader's Choice Lectureship for the most influential article in EES in 2015 published by a young researcher.

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