The Components of Comfortable Clothing ---
The Science behind Thermophysiological and Skin Sensorial Comfort


主题:   The Components of Comfortable Clothing ---The Science behind Thermophysiological and Skin Sensorial 主讲人:   Andreas Schmidt 地点:   松江校区四号学院楼3083室时间:   2017-06-28 13:30:00组织单位:   化学化工与生物工程学院


Dr. Andreas Schmidt is CEO of Function and Care ,Hohenstein Institute, Germany since May 2015. In 2002 he received on research on material separation and dyeing of fiber forming polymers in condensed carbon dioxide.Then he studied  as head of laboratory “Technical Textiles”.

His work focus on public and contact research in the field of comfort and protection and clothing physiology, including personal protective equipment, UV-Protection,Colorimetry and Whiteness Metric, Clothing Technology,Fitting and Ergonomy. He has led several projects.During 2004-2007,he was a leading of an interdisciplinary project-team,focusing on perfumes in fast moving consumer goods (detergents,cosmetics). During 2006-2008,he implemented working field “Technical Textiles ”. During 2009-2015, he severed as director of the department function and care.Hohenstein Institute.



Clothing physiology balance interaction body-climate-clothing.All textile construction parameters, like fiber material, yarn construction, fabric construction, finishing, garment making and composition and interaction of individual clothing layer, must be well adjusted to the climatic condition and the range of application.

The report focus on  three key components of wear comfort: thermophysiological comfort, ergonomical comfort, skin sensorial comfort. Thermophysiological comfort  is realized through heat transport and moisture management. thermo-physiological measuring methods is sweating guarded hotplate(skin model), containing vaporous sweat transport, liquid sweat transport, drying time. Ergonomical comfort is about thermal, insulation breathability and ventilation, and makes wear tirals with human subjects. In terms of skin sensorial comfort, skin sensory properties are how the textile is perceived by the wearer’s skin. It contains stiffness,soaption index,surface index, number of contact points and wet cling index.


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