Biological Protective Materials with Refreshing and Recharging Abilities


主题:   Biological Protective Materials with Refreshing and Recharging Abilities主讲人:   孙刚 地点:   松江校区四号学院楼3083室时间:   2017-12-28 10:00:00组织单位:   化学化工与生物工程学院


Gang Sun is a professor of Fiber and Polymer Sciences in Division of Textiles and Clothing at University of California, Davis, and has been conducting research on materials and textile chemistry, and nanotechnologies since 1995.  Most his research activities and efforts have been devoted on development of novel antibacterial textiles and polymers for personal protection equipment, including medical, chemical, and military protective clothing and products.  His group has developed chlorine rechargeable biocidal polymers and textiles for water disinfection and biological protective medical uniforms, which have been commercialized in US and many other countries. His group has invented a high-throughput production process for thermoplastic nanofibers and membrane materials with chemical and biological protective functions, as well as high efficient water and air filters. More recently, his group has discovered the photo-active biocidal effects of some colorants on polymers and fibers, and has developed new applications of the chemistry in many areas. Dr. Sun is a recipient of CAREER award from National Science Foundation in 1997 and a Changjiang Scholar adjunct chair professor at Donghua University, China since 2007.  He is a recipient of the Olney Medal in 2016, the highest science award by AATCC.  He has published over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, and is serving on editorial boards in several major textile professional journals.   


Contact to material surfaces is one of the major contributors to transmission of infectious diseases.  Biocidal materials that can keep surfaces self-cleaned have potential to reduce the cross-transmission of diseases. Two major chemical disinfection reactions were employed in the development of such biocidal materials.  Design, syntheses, and fabrication of biocidal fibers, films, and membranes are discussed in the presentation.


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