Traffic-Insensitive Scheduling Design in Wireless Networks


主题:   Traffic-Insensitive Scheduling Design in Wireless Networks主讲人:   Bin Li 地点:   松江校区二号学院楼222室时间:   2019-12-18 16:00:00组织单位:   信息科学与技术学院


Therapid growth of smart phones as well as other intelligent wireless devicesgenerates significant amount of diversified traffic ranging from sendingwarning messages to watching online videos over wireless networks such ascellular networks, Internet of Things, and cyber-physical systems. Such widerange of traffic calls for the development of wireless algorithms withtraffic-insensitive performance in the sense that the network performance (suchas throughput and latency) does not depend on the distribution of networktraffic except the mean traffic load. This is tremendously valuable in thepresence of highly heterogeneous wireless applications. In this talk, we willdiscuss the recent progress and research challenges in developing such wirelessscheduling algorithms.


Bin Li received his B.S. degree in Electronic andInformation Engineering in 2005, M.S. degree in Communication and InformationEngineering in 2008, both from XiamenUniversity, and Ph.D. degreein Electrical and Computer Engineering from The OhioState University in May 2014.Between June 2014 and August 2016, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher workingwith Prof. R. Srikant in the CoordinatedScience Lab at the University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign. In August 2016,he joined the University ofRhode Island as anassistant professor in the Departmentof Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering. His research spans wireless networks, virtual and augmentedreality, fog computing, and age-of-information. In particular, his researchutilizes mathematical tools from stochastic processes, optimization, control,and algorithms to understand fundamental performance limits of complex networksystems, and develop efficient, adaptable, and scalable algorithms for diverseapplications.

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