The Cauchy problem for the 3D Jordan-Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation


主题:   The Cauchy problem for the 3D Jordan-Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation主讲人:   Reinhard Racke地点:   腾讯会议 266 913 264时间:   2020-11-29 16:00:00组织单位:   非线性科学研究所

主讲人简介:Reinhard Racke is a professor at Universität Konstanz in Germany. His research field is partial differential equations and its applications. The focus lies on the dynamics of solutions, in particular on the long time behavior of the systems, and on the question of existence of solutions for nonlinear problems.

内容摘要:We consider the Cauchy problem of a third-order in time nonlinear equation known as the Jordan-Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation arising in acoustics as an alternative model to the well-known Kuznetsov equation. We present a local existence result in appropriate function spaces, and then, using the energy method together with a bootstrap argument, a global existence result for small data, without using the linear decay. Polynomial decay rates in time will be discussed too.



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