Towards dispersive estimates on homogeneous Lie groups


主题:   Towards dispersive estimates on homogeneous Lie groups主讲人:   Christian P. Jäh地点:   腾讯会议 487 215 323时间:   2020-11-30 16:45:00组织单位:   非线性科学研究所

主讲人简介:Christian P. Jäh is a professor for Analysis in the natural sciences at Rostock University in Germany. His research interests include microlocal analysis and partial differential equations, well-posedness of hyperbolic systems, analysis on nilpotent Lie groups, etc.

内容摘要:The main goal of this talk is to give an overview of recent work on dispersive estimates for wave- and Schrödinger equations on homogeneous Lie groups. We shall first give a very quick review of homogeneous Lie groups and Fourier Analysis on such groups. We shall focus on the special cases of the Heisenberg group , H-type groups, and general Lie groups of step 2.



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