Singular HJB equations with applications to KPZ on the real line


主题:   Singular HJB equations with applications to KPZ on the real line主讲人:   张希承地点:   腾讯会议 177 249 810时间:   2020-12-27 15:40:00组织单位:   理学院


内容摘要:In this talk I will report a joint work with Rongchan Zhu and Xiangchan Zhu about singular HJB equations. In this work we study the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations with distribution-valued coefficients, which is not well-defined in the classical sense and shall be understood by using paracontrolled distribution method introduced by Gubinelli-Imkeller-Perkowskii.By a new characterization of weighted H\older space and Zvonkin's transformation we prove some new a priori estimates, and therefore, establish the global well-posedness for singular HJB equations. As an application, the global well-posedness for KPZ equations on the real line in polynomial weighted H\older spaces is obtained without using Cole-Hopf's transformation.


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