Biocidal Materials for Personal Protective Clothing (个人防护用杀菌纺织材料)


主题:   Biocidal Materials for Personal Protective Clothing (个人防护用杀菌纺织材料)主讲人:   Gang Sun地点:   纺织学院3004 线上腾讯会议号:385 283 682时间:   2021-01-06 10:00:00组织单位:   纺织学院


Gang Sun is a professor of Fiber and Polymer Sciences in Department ofBiological and Agricultural Engineering, at University of California, Davis andhas been conducting research on materials, polymer/textile chemistry, andnanotechnologies since 1995.  Most hisresearch activities and efforts have been devoted on development of novelantibacterial polymers for biological protections and food safetyapplications.  His group has developedchlorine rechargeable and discovered daylight-induced photo-active biocidalmaterials for water disinfection, biological protective medical uniforms, andfresh produce disinfections. Some technologies have been commercialized in USand other countries. In addition, his group invented a high-throughputproduction process for thermoplastic nanofibers and membrane materials withchemical and biological protective functions. More recently, his group has beenworking on development of nanofibrous membrane based personal-use colorimetricand electrical sensors for pesticides and toxicants in consumer products.  He is a recipient of the Olney Medal in 2016from American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) and theEditor-in-Chief of AATCC Journal of Research. He has published over 290 peer-reviewed journal articles.


The current pandemic of coronavirus disease has caused tremendousconsequences to the economy and human life in the world. Healthcare workers andgeneral publics are facing more health and safety challenges. Personalprotective equipment (PPE), including clothing, face masks, and gloves, is nowa well-known tool for protection of professionals and public from infection ofdiseases. The current PPE can provide protection to wearers from directexposures to pathogens or hazards by defensively serving as an isolationbarrier, and the pathogens can still survive on surfaces of PPE and potentiallycross-contaminate and cause infections. Thus, the use of antimicrobialmaterials in PPE was proposed to be incorporated on PPE materials, hoping thatthe surfaces of the materials could inactivate the pathogens and consequentlyimprove protection to the professionals and publics. Reusable and antimicrobialfunctions have been considered a necessary feature on biological protective PPEmaterial in the future. A desired biological protective material should providerapid and complete inactivation to all biological agents by contacts, and suchfunctions are defined as biocidal functions. In this presentation, necessarybiocidal functional PPE materials for biological protections are discussed.Chlorine rechargeable halamines and photo-sensitizers that can produce reactiveoxygen species are discussed as sample biocides in applications in PPEs.

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